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What is Application Development?

Application development is the process of creating a computer or mobile program, or a set of programs to perform different tasks that a business or its customers require. Applications help businesses automate processes and increase efficiency as well as make them easily accessible to their customers.

Mobile Apps are most commonly known and built today due to the vast growth and expansion of mobile device capabilities as well as the fact that people keep there phones with them at most times. There are various types of applications which can be developed considering the organisations objectives which need to be achieved in the application;

Applications: Are applications written in the programming language and frameworks provided by the platform owner such as Apple for iOS and Google for Android platforms. This means the application is developed according to the framework of the platform owner, the application will function seamlessly at a higher runtime performance with direct access to the devices API’s creating a better user experience for its users.

Cross-Platform Applications: Are mobile applications that can be written in a variety of different programming languages and frameworks, but are compiled into a native application running directly on the operating system of the device. The benefit of cross-platform applications is that a single-code base is written for multiple platforms making it easier to build and maintain, however performance limitations may be experienced.

Hybrid Applications: Hybrid mobile applications are built with web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 and are bundled as app installation packages. Contrary to the native apps, hybrid apps work on a 'web container' which provides a browser runtime and a bridge for native device APIs via Apache Cordova. The benefits are a shared code base between web and mobile apps however there is lower performance compared to native apps and there is limited support for native device features

Progressive Web Apps: PWAs offer an alternative approach to traditional mobile app development by skipping app store delivery and app installations. PWAs are web applications that utilize a set of browser capabilities - such as working offline, running a background process, and adding a link to the device home screen - to provide an 'app like' user experience. The benefits of a PWA is that the app is available for both web and mobile and no installation is required as the app is accessible through a URL however limited support is provided for native device features and the Apps capabilities depend on the browser in use.

What does this mean for your business?

Applications allow you the opportunity to create a unique experience of your organisation for your customers affording you the opportunity to package your organisation into an accessible and consumable product in the palm of their hands.

Reach and accessibility are key elements to ensuring organisational success today – if customers feel like there are too many obstacles, hoops and blockers to gaining access to your organisation, they will go a competitor with less barriers to access.

STRIDE comprises of a team of highly skilled and experienced experts in App development, strategy, design and testing to ensure that we deliver the best technology product in reasonable time written in the best quality code for your organisation.

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